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One could say that hybrid applications actually have more in common with web apps than native apps.

The reason is that they are actually just web apps wrapped in a native web view displayed via the smartphone’s native browser. What makes them so special is the particular framework using which they are built. This framework allows for an easy use native functions of each mobile platform using cross-platform APIs. Frameworks like Cordova require nothing more than a knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, tools which are very familiar to all web developers.

Advantages: -

Access to device data

Similar to native apps, hybrid apps makes use of the mobile device’s own programming in order to sync it with other mobile apps. It can access the data that devices capture through GPS and cameras as well as push notifications and other device information.

User Experience

A website looks completely different when accessed on different browsers on different computers. Same goes for the mobile apps – and this won’t be effective for branding or user experience (UX). A hybrid app enables your customer to experience the capabilities and functionalities of their own mobile device when accessing an app that is all but standard. Even when an application needs an update, a single update will fix the app on all platforms. In addition, if users shift from one mobile platform to another, they can still experience a consistent UX. Hybrid Mobile Apps provides consistent user experience across multiple platforms and browsers.


In comparison to native and web app development, hybrid mobile application development is a cost-effective process. This development process utilizes a different set of libraries which is then linked with tools. This, in turn, reduces the application’s development time. Once you develop the hybrid app, you can submit it to any app store for distinct platforms. It definitely, saves your time and cost.

Offline Support

The hybrid mobile application utilizes the device’s API and saves data offline. This will reduce the loading time of the application allowing the users to access the saved data in offline mode or when there is poor Internet connectivity.


Hybrid apps are faster when compared to the native and mobile web applications. The technology and framework used in the hybrid Mobile App Development are the reason behind its speed. With hybrid mobile apps, you don’t have to reload the app data often and you can access the app even with poor Internet connectivity. It will only get slow when the app requires animations and HD graphics.


A hybrid mobile app can be uploaded on different mobile platforms such as on App Store for iOS, on Google Play Store for Android, etc. As a business, you can easily reach your target audience with the use of hybrid mobile apps.


Hybrid apps are cross-platform applications which are designed and developed for different platforms and operating systems. In comparison to native and mobile web apps, hybrid applications are quite easy to scale and develop. Moreover, developers can reuse the code across multiple platforms.


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